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Tuesday 11 Mar 2014

Majestic form posed by Nir Ben Natan

Images: Nir Ben Natan 
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02/05/14 lord k, Minna Nigeria
This is another iconic building in the world.
20/03/14 mish, torder
AMAIZING structure. Elegant and Stately.
This design might be considers as the conceptual son of Santiago Calatrava and grand son of Jorn Utzon (the designer of Sydney Opera House).
Coward Qataries, their loss.

Mosque proposal left on the table after initial talks with Qatari dignitary cancelled 

Nir Ben Natan has unveiled a proposal developed for a meeting with a top dignitary from Qatar last year. In honour of this dignitary’s expected arrival, a number of international firms were invited to prepare presentations in order to examine possible economic and cultural cooperation. The specific site of the project has been left unspecified.

For the purpose of international cultural cooperation Nir Ben Natan chose to develop a proposal of a unique mosque in Qatar. Several days before the event, the dignitary cancelled his planned participation, thus the proposal was left open on the table. 

The choice of this proposal stems from the generic character of the structure, which - at the initial stage - is not dependent on a specific place and which expresses the team’s respect for the culture of the dignitary. The sources of inspiration of this unique mosque draw from the symbol of Qatar: the crescent, the sword and the sail.

The silhouette of the entrance expresses the waves of the sea, the transparent qibla wall is intended to symbolise the openness and pureness of faith of the believers during prayer, while the mihrab is designed as a drop of water rising from the depths of the earth.

This concept is intended to express the connection and harmony between Islam and the State of Qatar, weaving sophisticated and up-to-date technology with powerful symbols and ancient meaning. 

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Nir Ben Natan Architect

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