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Bundang Seoul National University Hospital, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Thursday 23 Jan 2014

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JUNGLIM Architecture meets increased demand at Bundang Seoul National University Hospital with new wing 

Established in 2003, Bundang Seoul National University Hospital is located in a metropolitan area with high demand for medical services. It has a strong natural environment adjacent to Bulgok Mountain and Tancheon. The hospital facility has been growing quickly as a district general hospital in a short period of time with the brand of Seoul National University and its top team of medical professionals.

Such rapid advancement brought about a limitation of growth because the supply of beds, medical facilities and parking spaces insufficient to meet the fast increase in demand. In order to solve such problems and enter into a new development phase, Bundang Seoul National University Hospital selected a contractor for turn-key based construction. Starting in summer 2009, this project was completed in spring 2013 with JUNGLIM Architecture as the qualified architect for the detailed design.

The new building is located on the right-hand slope at the entrance to Bundang Seoul National University Hospital. The site is adjacent to the main building and inclines towards the west. The outdoor transition zone of the lower floor retains an overall sense of unity with the form of the main building. For the new lobby, a drop-off zone with enough length for convenient loading has been designed, and a curved form is planned to create a connection to the main building's lobby.

For the lower areas, glass and terracotta panel are used as the main exterior materials. Terracotta was selected as it creates a sense of warmth for the hospital, provides an ecologically-friendly image and gives contrast and balance to the sharpness and refinement of the glass used elsewhere. In particular, the three-dimensional pattern using terracotta panel and lumber is extended to the main building from the new building.

In order to respond to the western ward arrangement and excess noises from the front entrance, an advanced double skin facade system has been applied to the front of the wards at Bundang Seoul National University Hospital, a first among hospitals in Korea. Because the double facade system is equipped with a separate external motor-driven roll screen, it can minimise glare and damage caused by direct solar radiation.

Through an individual control in the patient's room and multi-coloured screens, it can be utilised as a new design element, giving diverse changes and vividness to the curtain wall. Also, the temperature control function of intermediate space between the outer wall and double skin facade reduces the system loading, which results in the reduction of energy consumption.

Each patient's room is equipped with the nature-vent projected window system that applies some functions of the double skin facade system, so that it forms the unique and characteristic exterior. As the air flow is constantly maintained through the system, the hospital can produce a pleasant and refreshing internal environment.

The new building's backyard faces Bulgok Mountain and the wind from Bulgok Mountain blows past the Health Promotion Center, passing through 2-storey-high Piloti and blowing onto the roof garden and Tancheon. The new building benefits from a large expanse of open space and harmonises with the surrounding environment through the wide-reaching views. 

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