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850-Bed Balikesir Hospital, Balikesir, Turkey

Tuesday 05 Nov 2013

The healing powers of nature

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Design for 850-Bed eco-friendly Balikesir Hospital in Turkey awaits tender 

The new evidence-based design of NKY develops around a patient-focused care model that considers ‘human’ in the centre. Recognising the healing effects of nature these nourishing values are integrated into the design.

In order to maximise the healing effect of a relationship with scenery and controlled daylight, the inpatient bed units are positioned with the proper angle to be oriented towards views of nature. Other spaces also face well-lit interior courtyards in both directions therefore enabling all care, treatment and outpatient units to access scenery and natural daylight.

All constraints such as the topography of the site to level differences, to wind and other climatic parameters are incorporated into design decisions and are used as advantages. For the architectural expression, natural textures and colours and a balanced soft style is being utilised.

Common functional areas within the building are inspired by the white daisies in nature, whereas children's areas express themselves in floral colours both internally and externally. The semi-porous vertical panels along the façade allow the building to form a controlled and seasonal interface with nature through a permeable shell.

The overall planning approach separated the support spaces with clinical areas, enabling departments that are not used around the clock to be shut down, resulting in a more flexible and economical use. The design follows a holistic sustainable path with nature.

By using intelligent building methods, energy and water consumption is minimised and the carbon footprint of the facility is minimised with the help of trigeneration, solar panels, grey water treatment and the exterior envelope.

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