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PLAYscapes Winner, South Africa

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013

Power play in South Africa

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South African architect wins Building Trust International competition to make cities fun 

The winner of the latest design competition by non-profit Building Trust International (BTI) has been revealed as a multi-disciplinary team hailing from Cape Town.

Gerrit Strydom, Lwandile Gcume and Aline Cremon from the City of Cape Town worked with Errol van Amsterdam and Marvin Fester of C2C Consulting Engineers and skatepark designers Clive Crofton of Spyda Ramps to create an inventive concept which transforms a forgotten underpass into an engaging skate park.

Following long consultations with local residents, skaters and The National Skate Collective, the winning group composed colourful concepts which show the formerly neglected area of Cape Town invigorated by the introduction of a community-led skate park.

The basis of the design competition was to challenge architects and designers to rethink public spaces to make a city environment fun and appealing to a local population, providing opportunities for interaction and invitations to view a certain space in a new light.

As BTI details: “Regeneration of cities should not just be about increasing value and foot fall but should capture people’s imaginations making them want to get involved and experiment with new things.” The competition had over 500 registered entrants.

Gerrit Strydom of the winning team commented: “For the project to be selected as the winning submission, not only serves to internationally recognise the merit of the project in itself, but stands testament to the importance and value of the broader dialogue about the abundant opportunities for activating difficult public spaces for the benefit of a diverse set of users.

“By elevating the status and awareness of the project the award will stimulate the proliferation of similar initiatives across the metropolitan region and cities in South Africa.”

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