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Bio-Diversity Park Pylon, Hyderabad, India

Thursday 30 May 2013

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Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether brought together in Hyderabad's symbolic monument 

A unique monument at the Bio-Diversity Park in Hyderabad, India has been completed by Genesis Planners and Odyssey, mapping the evolution of the species and varied elements of our planet. 32ft in height, the monument is anchored by a series of concentric circles which represent the five elements of nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. In total, 165 tonnes of stone were used to construct this distinct monument, crafted offsite in Udaipur and NOIDA and shipped to the site for assembly.

The pylon itself depicts evolution over millions of years from the single atom to the complex human being of today, through the development of molecules, proteins, various life forms to the intelligent human. In the construction process, CNC milling was used on 21 pieces of 250mm thick Etah Gold Stone to create this towering form, with each piece weighing approximately 1,200kg. The base of the pylon meets the Ring of Water, a shallow pool upon which floats a 30mm thick map of the Earth without political boundaries.

Encircling this bowl of water is a mural wall divided into the three zones of bio-diversity: System, Species and Structure. This is formed of 90 pieces of 30mm thick Etah Gold Stone, shot blasted, hand polished and engraved with a variety of finishes. Depictions of evolution continue onto this transition space, with giraffes, lions and elephants next to images early humans.

Above this mural is a symbolic Sun with a black granite base and rays of Red Granite and Jaisalmer Yellow Stone, shining outwards away from the central pool. Arching over the pool (Ring of Water) is the Ring of Ether. This takes the form of a fan-like structure in Etah Gold Stone with a base of chipped Black Granite and empty space between its fins.

The two final rings are the Ring of Earth and the Ring of Air. The former is a 224ft pathway, 6ft wide and symbolically proportioned to human height. Along its Black Granite surface are etched 191 species in antique finish with 2mm deep engravings. Encircling this is an expanse of greenery planted with 12 trees and 12 pedestals representing 12 hours of the day.

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ODYSSEY: Stone Architecture & Design

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