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Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre, Montpellier, France

Thursday 25 Apr 2013

A+ Architecture branches out

A+ Architecture 
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Light wooden lozenge theatre under construction at the domaine d’O, Montpellier 

A+ Architecture is a medium-sized firm heralding from Montpellier, France and blends architecture with urban planning and graphic design. Their sensitive handling of a project site and bold aesthetic can be viewed across a plethora of schemes and most notably in their latest project: the Jean-Claude Carriere Theatre at the domaine d’O.

Located in beautifully landscaped gardens, the domaine d’O is a flourishing arts and culture institution in Montpellier run by the department de l’herault. With the Arabesques Festival and a Spring Comedians programme, the domaine d’O is in dire need of expansion. Its current theatre only seats 220 spectators at any one time and with annual visitor numbers of 145,000, A+ Architecture were brought on board to design an environmentally friendly theatre.

The resulting Jean-Claude Carriere Theatre is currently under construction and is due to be completed in June and inaugurated in September. The design takes inspiration from the surrounding foliage and is being constructed primarily out of wooden panels. To ensure that the theatre is as eco-friendly as possible, A+ Architecture is using only PECF labelled wood and all other materials are recyclable.

The light wooden lozenge structure is able to be dismantled and rebuilt on another site (aside from the slab that supports it) and boasts a light architectural expression so as not to impinge too greatly on the wooded surroundings. Acoustic insulation reduces any disruption to neighbours and innovative heating systems, excellent insulation systems and the exclusive use of LED lighting continue the sustainable credentials to the theatre’s interior.

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A+ Architecture

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