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Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Master Plan Competition, Guangzhou, China

Tuesday 19 Mar 2013

Competition winner is colourful alternative

Images courtesy of Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects 
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Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects one of two winners of Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Master Plan Competition 

Guangzhou City Government recently announced Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects and City Planners (and their local partners GZPI) as the winners of the Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Master Plan competition. Another entry by West 8 was a joint winner.

The competition brief had the vision of wide landscape, wetland parks and residential development for over 50,000 inhabitants. The former delta with its tradition of horticultural usage will be transformed into an ecological urban landscape.

Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi is located in the Guangzhou Western Liwan District, easily accessible from both Baiyun Airport and Guangzhou South Train Station. Huadi has cultivated flowersfor 1,700 years, as well as flowers used for Buddhist and royal ceremonies. Guangzhou government is planning to integrate the Huadi flower cultivation and agriculture resources into the new high standard Huadi ecological area.

This area will become a distinctive new marker for Guangzhou and a model of New Urbanization. Specifically, the primary goal is to build this Flower City, Green City, and Water City as an Eco-city. Key themes highlighted by the Government for investigation include the flower theme, improvement of the water network system, and developing a local identity for the Lingnan Water Village. 

The architects have created a site concept which has been derived from the form and character of the dominant elements of flowers and water. A romantic, dreamy and fragrant city emerges as a new centre for the region. The structure comprises one central area and seven urban groups radiating out like the petals of a flower.

The site's green space network links the Foshan ecological corridor, Pearl River ecological corridor and the Pearl River Delta into one connected system. The centrepiece of the water system is the Huadi Lake and wetlands in the core area. Cleaned water from the system can be used for recreation, within the urban area and the core area, and for irrigation of flower fields and other agriculture.

Within the concept, Huadi is developed as a 'DREAM City', a place which as described by the architects is: "Dynamic, Romantic, Ecological, with excellent Amenity: a Model city." The city is has dynamic and varied functions which consists of the Horticulture Expo and related business transactions, recreation and tourism, ecological conservation, and creative industries. Related issues are also considered, including flower cultivation, the integration of low-carbon technology, commercial services, business offices and a waterfront residential community.

The Master plan will develop 6 zones: a flower trading and ecological leisure zone; a dynamic city centre; a low-carbon community; a business area; a science and technology area; and space for urban industry. The architects have created this plan using five design principles:

Living with water: connecting, expanding and integrating the water network across the site for better ecology and recreation opportunities

Restoring balance: using water systems to assist with ecological restoration.

Meeting point: creating a new attractor between Foshan and Guangzhou to better integrate the cities and using the site to connect surrounding ecological corridors together.

Make it financially viable: integrate the flower industry and provide opportunities for new industries.

Getting around: by integrating sensible transport systems for visitors, workers, residents and business people. 

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