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MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY, New York, United States

Thursday 28 Feb 2013

Sculptures play with the imagination...

Photo courtsey Stephane Muratet 
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Award Entry

Young practice states collaboration is key to creating unique installations 

The main paradox for young emerging firms within our current economy is to construct a portfolio of built work in order to actually build! Potential clients interested by the design vision of the firm are hesitant to invest their life savings or development funds into a practice without any building experience - a catch 22 even harder to overcome when the design language is committed to an extreme formalism expressive of the latest digital technology.

THEVERYMANY's genesis has taken upon itself to foster the trust of potential clients and capitalize on the down payment of the architecture practice - built references - by not passively waiting and instead self-commissioning a series of projects up to completion. Without any funds, collaboration is beyond trend - it is a necessity.

Collaboration - a necessary recipe for a start.

It starts in graduate school, meeting many people from different backgrounds, many of which end up teaching across the globe or at some point curating an exhibition. Typically, there is a tiny budget or no budget at all. Yet, if one strategizes:- by investing the budget for shipping an existing model to and from an event into materials, the funds are directed towards the development of a new project - fabrication costs are diminished by utilizing schools or young fabrication firms interested in collaboration to collectively build a portfolio - by utilizing all able individuals for assembly including friends, students, and family - by substituting one's clothing in suitcases for parts to eliminate international shipping costs.

One can build a unique prototypical installation for the price of merely shipping a model. Though initially challenging logistically, once repeated several times, the frequency and quality of venues and budgets increase correspondingly - up to finally supporting fabrication, airfare, tools and the ability to ship parts independent of one's personal suitcase. However, this is still not enough to cover design fees.

The typical growth rate of a projects scale seems to follow a 150% rule: clients offer opportunities one and one half times larger than what you have demonstrated you can achieve - somehow equivalent to the maximum leap of faith a potential client investing funds is seemingly willing to stomach.

The original prototypes have progressively morphed into installations, the installations into pavilions, continuing to grow in size, scale, number of unique parts, hours of fabrication and assembly - in other words more logistics - slowly progressing on the path to prototypical architectures, transferring geometry from inside out, extending its life expectation, from temporary to permanent, slowly addressing issues of waterproofing, wind loads, snow loads - in other words less of a DIY empirical process...

"yet to be continued..." 

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