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Dailai Conference Hall, Vinhphuc, Vietnam

Thursday 21 Feb 2013

A forest retreat

Images: Hiroyuki Oki 
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27/02/13 J.R., Sheinron
How good it is to see that there are some architects left in this increasingly box-mentality profession who are still capable of applying character and adapting their designs to the surrounding environment.


Vo Trong Nghia Architects design bamboo conference hall in Vinhphuc, Vietnam 

WAN award winners and 2012 Vietnam Architects of the Year Vo Trong Nghia have designed a conference hall nestled among the forests and mountains outside of Hanoi, Vietnam. The Dailai Conference Hall, which covers an area of 730 sq m, is situated within the Flamingo Dailai residential resort and was constructed using locally-sourced bamboo and stone.

Located between the Dailai Lake and mountain scenery, the conference hall has been built beside the access road to the resort and the building serves as a welcome point for visitors. Alongside the road, a new 80m-long and 8m-high stone wall reveals and screens 'the surrounding nature from place to place'.

Commenting on the design, Vo Trong Nghia Architects said: “The aim of this building is not only to supply a nice space for events but also to deepen the experience of the generous spirit of nature.” Entering into the complex, the Vietnamese architects have created an orthogonal tunnel through the stone wall, with visitors then coming to a foyer covered by a vibrant bamboo structure.

The use of bamboo was a key component of the design with the wide-set appearance of the conference hall achieved by using straight bamboo, According to the architects, bamboo was used because of its 'beautiful colour, texture and reproduction potential' with the bamboo canes being arranged into a structural frame as using the material in this way is more reliable than bamboo used individually.

The maximum span of the structure is 13.6 m and the positions of the joints at each frame have been adjusted to create a curved roof. The interior space of the conference hall has been divided into various rooms including a main hall, sub hall, foyer and supporting rooms. Vo Trong Nghia Architects said of the interior: “The dynamic bamboo structure enables visitors to feel the spaces are wider and more open, showing its continuity through a transom window above the partitions.”

Naomi Wilcock

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Vo Trong Nghia Architects

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