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Iceberg, Quartier des spectacles, Montreal, Canada

Friday 11 Jan 2013

An ice breaker in Montreal

Images: Martine Doyon, Montreal Quartier des Spectacles Partnership 
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Interactive light and sound installation on show at Quartier des spectacles by ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL ARCHITECTURE 

It is undeniable that the human race is becoming ever more energy-dependent and that this drain on our resources is having a detrimental effect on the global climate. Almost every week we are presented with a new theory or update from climatic experts who warn us of rising sea levels and the effects of greenhouse gases.

As a result of human intervention the world’s icebergs are melting. This has inspired a new light and sound installation by ATOMIC3 in Montreal, running north to south from the Place des Festivals to the Place des Arts esplanade.

The team explains: “Centuries old and shaped by time and the elements, icebergs make distinctive sounds. As water enters their cracks and crevasses, they resonate like giant pipe organs, the tones modulating and evolving as these monuments of ice slowly melt.

“Inspired by that massive instrument, Iceberg is a series of illuminated metal archest that produce distinctive sounds. The arches form a tunnel inviting visitors to enter, listen, and play this giant organ, where notes and light travel up and down the musical passageways.”

The installation tracks four stages in the life of an iceberg, from its creation in Arctic waters through the gradual diminishing of its size as it melts off the southern coast. Along this journey ATOMIC3 have altered the shape, colour and dimensions of these large-scale art pieces and animated them with four distinct soundscapes.

As passers-by either enter the metal tunnels of Iceberg or walk past its glinting arches, motion sensors set within the installation detect movement and change the tones of the artwork’s lighting.

Also controlled by motion sensors are the different soundscapes of each individual iceberg. To the north the icebergs are animated by sounds of nature, shifting to ‘richer and more harmonious’ chimes in the centre and finally a composition which reflects human activity as the Iceberg melts down to nothing.

Iceberg is a winner of 2012 Light Therapy competition, an event organised by Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles Partnership featuring interactive light installations encouraging visitors to embrace winter. It will run until 4 February, 2013. ATOMIC3 collaborated with APPAREIL architecture on this scheme.

ICEBERG, interactive installation from ATOMIC3 on Vimeo.

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