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Beret House, Takamatsu-City, Kagawa-Pref, Japan

Thursday 03 Jan 2013

Beret roof keeps family cosy

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Award Entry

House creates a 'bulky boundary' between privacy and unity 

The lot consists of ten compartments for sale in an area surrounded by mountains in the Kagawa prefecture at Seto Island Sea, Japan. The area is famous for its calm and comfortable climate which suited the client of a family of four. The house was planned to fulfil the client’s requirements of a covered parking space and a private living space. 

The Beret House is so named due to its large roof; a semimonocoque structure built with shell and timber construction truss that makes a ‘bulky boundary’ of privacy and unity. The polyhedral shell encloses the site and uses astylar space to make the family feel warm and enclosed but retaining a 'buffer zone' between the inside and outside environments.

This 'buffer zone' means the family are not subjected to onlookers and the obscure boundary reduces the distance between the inside and outside of the house.

The 'buffer zone' can make a microclimate in combination with the bulky boundary because of the smaller footprint than that of square footage of roof. This combination can reduce ecological footprint within the house to create a comfortable indoor air quality and climate without electrical facilities. 

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y+M design office Co.Ltd.

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