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Horizontal house, SASEBOCITY, Japan

Tuesday 25 Dec 2012

I-house Project

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Award Entry

Function and design in harmony with the natural environment 

The building site is a long, narrow piece of land between a coastline road and a cliff. The key design concept, besides assuring a sufficient living space, was to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment. The land sits two metres below the roadside, and the natural slope of the land was used without trying to restructure it. The building has a beautifully aesthetic form that makes it appear to be floating in the air.

It is designed so that from every window only the sea is visible. The house sits not in the middle of the city but in a unique natural environment, so the architect designed the house to bring the residents the benefits of the environment through both the choice of materials and the design overall. In order to not spoil the landscape a design was required that would meld the building into its surroundings.

Naturally, the design had to provide the functionality of a residential home. The first floor of Horizontal house, which serves as the parking area, is built from reinforced concrete, while the second floor, part of which doubles as an office, as well as the third floor living and dining area, are a mixed structure of wood and reinforced concrete. As there is line of sight in all four directions, runoff rainwater is gathered inside the structure with a V-shaped roof slope. The house supports living face-to-face with the vastness of nature, sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce. 

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