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N4+ House, Wuhan, China

Tuesday 04 Dec 2012

Pre-fab Gluebam House

Advanced Construction Information Development(ACID) 
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Award Entry

Highly prefabricated house made with Chinese bamboo 

N4+ is a housing typology based on bamboo, the Gluebam House; a long-term research project for Huazhong University of Science and Technology and ACID to establish a standard application of this new material through the design of a house. The designers aimed to reduce the distance between architects and clients to make architecture accessible to all, especially important in a developing country such as China.

The architect transferred natural bamboo into industrial modularised bamboo boards and created a prototype based on the concept of mass production and fabrication. Located in Huazhong University the house is positioned in proximity with the architectural department. N4+ house was completed in 25 days due to being pre-built before delivery to site, ensuring fast construction.

The innovative use of bamboo for architecture is unusual in China as bamboo is normally chosen for artistic pavilions and forms. The architect believes that the gluebam house can begin to replace the concrete and steel buildings fast expanding throughout China’s cities. The pre-fabrication means any non-professional can create the house which makes the design accessible as an affordable alternative to normal building costs. 

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 12500(m€)
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