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Tamkang University College of Education, Taipei, Taiwan

Wednesday 31 Oct 2012

A Vision in Green

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Award Entry

The pioneer architecture rehabilitation has set standard to restore the green network in the urban community 

Renovated from a 40-year-old nostalgic women's dormitory building in Tamshui, a seaside district in Northern Taiwan, the building of the College of Education is the pioneer of the architecture rehabilitation project at Tamkang University. The achievement will determine the destiny of other similar architectures on campus. In the past 60 years, Tamkang University has reserved many early-stage Taiwan architectures, thus designing sustainable buildings that not only provide multiple-function spaces, but have the flexibility to adjust for future development has become an important goal for both the school and the architect.

The design concept of the exterior is to restore the landscape of the surrounding natural environment. Starting from this project, the architect is expecting the future campus becomes "the Lung of the City." Eventually, this green movement will spread out to the community, ease the tension of the urban area, and reduce the heat island effect. The colours of the architecture are derived from the changing scenes of the nature. Seven layers of colours, from yellow to green, are extracted from the four-season variations of the clover leaves, and they were all captured into the glass surrounded the building. High quality materials have been utilized to improve energy efficiency. Each 30 by 150cm iridescent glass panel is supported by stainless steel grille fixture and built on the self-supporting steel structure. This ensures the ventilation and blocks the sunlight to decrease the interior temperature in the summer.

The transparent walls of the elevators bring green views inside to the corridors: from the dormitories to the College of Education, the architecture evolves with time in appearance and function, and has set a new standard for future renovation projects in Tamkang University. As a leader in the reform of the education system, the College of Education has proved itself to be the practician for the transformation of architecture in energy reservation and carbon emission reduction.

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