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Chongqing Mountain & City Sales Office, Chongqing, China

Tuesday 30 Oct 2012

Moving the mountains

Ajax Law Ling Kit & Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership Limited 
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Award Entry

One Plus Partnership designs sales office that brings the hills inside 

Just as the geographical character of Nanshan, the landscape inside the sale office is assembled with mountains and valleys as well. The walls and rooms are conglomeration of triangular planes and oblique line sets, in different tones of grey, the outcome is a powerful and dynamic topographic chart. No matter where they place themselves, visitors can feel embraced by hills, exactly like the city itself. While standing on the marble floor, symbolic of the valleys in Nanshan, the energetic ambience of the mountains provide a stunning visual backdrop.

The same geometric of the walls has extended to the grand marble floor, the irregular triangular patterns with various kinds of marble have been well arranged in the same manner. Together, both the vertical and horizontal planes visualise the mountainous scenes of Chongqing. Moreover, even the array of brown stainless steel counters each has an individual form, yet they are in placed in faultless range. They can be seen as a series of monstrous rocks, as well as they can be described as the crystallised form of the cultural spirit of Nanshan. Meanwhile, the eye-catching counters act as the focus points in the grayscale surroundings.

Walking toward the midst of the mountains, a 'cave' appears beneath the cliff ahead, which is the passage to the other floor level. In order not to arouse a puzzled feeling among visitors, there is a long strip of light laminating along the tunnel. The light transfers the geometric style to the other part of the interior while easing the dullness in the dark.

Thanks to the extra high ceiling of the building, there is adequate vertical space for the numerous strings of LED chandeliers to offer the dreamy mood of rainy Great Southeast. The softness presented by the rain also forms a contrast with the strong and bulky atmosphere of the 'hilly' theme of the entire interior, which is also kind of buffer to visitors’ eyes. The space also presents visitors with a 'trip to the galaxy', through the 'celestial shower' that shines above with programmed patterns, providing a relaxing aesthetic for customers.

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