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HKFYG Jockey Club, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
Tuesday 30 Oct 2012
Adaptive Re-use of Hong Kong Youth Group Jockey Club 
BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd 
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Award Entry

Transformation of an abandoned car park in Shek Pai Wan estate into youth centre 

This building was transformed from a car park on the Shek Pai Wan housing estate to a youth centre to represent Hong Kong's main youth work organistation. The adaptive re-use of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey building has been specifically altered to consider; structure, electrical and mechanical aspects, ergonomics and interior and lighting designs to enhance its functionality.

An adaptive re-use architectural design provides new life to existing architecture by introducing new functions and elements to a building and create a ‘re-birth' of the architecture. In a hyper-density city such as Hong Kong, in which there is no more land for new building, the need for such re-birth of architecture is essential to transform abandoned architecture and create a new lease of life. 

The new Creative Media Centre for Youth is equipped with new functions like a drop in area, video hall, souvenir shop, multi-function rooms, broadcasting rooms, theatres, lecture halls, drama recording rooms, radio-broadcasting rooms, computer rooms, cafeteria, staff rooms and a consultation room.

The strategy of recycling existing abandoned architecture by introducing new functions and elements is a necessity which is why adaptive re-use is such a new and hot topic in the future architectural vision of Hong Kong and other hyper-density cities. Adaptive re-use is a tentative topic in Hong Kong but it acts as sustainability and adaptability in city planning in a highly populated Asian country. 

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BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd

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