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Biowonder - The Green Corporate Park, Calcutta, India

Tuesday 30 Oct 2012

Biophilia: the key to sustainable architecture

This design and drawings are the property of SALIENT pvt ltd. 
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30/11/12 simon, kolkata
wish if every commercial building could draw its inspiration from this design

Award Entry

New corporate park in India aims to evolve contemporary architecture naturally 

"Men first make buildings and then the buildings make men" say this project's designers. "We are an integral part of nature, every rhythm or natural phenomenon around us brings biochemical changes in our body. For example, the changes in the sunlight around us influence the ebbing and flow of hormone in our body. It controls our circadian clock (bio-clock) in or body. Similarly thousands of natural phenomenon influence our stress levels, perception etc."

"Nature has the key to our aesthetic, cognitive, intellectual and even spiritual satisfaction. This relationship is termed 'Biophylia'. There exists a sustainable relationship between man, nature and architecture. It has to be biopyllic. Biowonder is an attempt to create one such building which would help in establishing this connection in our working environment."

Biophyllic design gives rise to other connected values such as energy efficiency, promotion of greenery etc. and above all it helps us to increase our performance. Good performance leads to good profits and a lot of satisfaction in our corporate world. The first corporate park in East India is not only a LEED Gold certified building, it boasts of many facilities for its inhabitants, such as food courts, a gymnasium, a pharmacy, ATMs etc. as well as a 4-star, 120-key business hotel with convention, business and banquet facilities. This connection between offices and hospitality is a unique trait of the corporate park.

"Biowonder increases the urban greenery and helps reducing the effects of a 'heat island'. We have to be sensitive to the environment around us. It helps in sustaining the Biodiversity around. Its floor plate orientation helps every office to achieve 80% daylight, great views in 2 directions, with green terraces and a garden attached. Let’s not forget we spend more than 70% of our waking time in our offices! Biowonder is a better expression of truth; the truth that connects us with nature."

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