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Icon Project, Tjuvholmen development, Oslo, Norway

Thursday 04 Oct 2012

3 worlds under one roof

ph. Nic Lehoux – West view between buildings along canal 
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Renzo Piano Building Workshop creates an addition to the Tjuvholmen development 

The Tjuvholmen development commissioned by Selvaag Gruppen / Aspelin Ramm Gruppen in Oslo is located southwest of the centre of the city and is a continuation of the Aker Brygge development built in the 90's. The project will transform the formerly closed harbor into a public area connecting the Fjord and the centre of the city.

The recently completed RPBW project is on the western part of this development and consists of 3 different buildings under a unique glass roof: one for Offices and Art exhibition and two exclusively for the Art Museum and landscape design with bridges over the new canals and a small Sculpture Park.

Overlooking the fjord, it seems inevitable to continue the sightline from the city along the Aker Brygge promenade to the far end of the new development. The entire promenade along the sea will be 800m long with almost half of that length consisting of the new project. The length along the canal will provide visitors the visual contact with the sea and nature.

On Skjaeret, the promenade is embraced by the building complex and the location of the art building along the canal, instead of along the sea as proposed by the city's zoning plan, creates an active dialogue between the 3 buildings.

Between the art museum and the sea a softly undulating sculpture park fills the rest of Skjaeret and finishes in a sandy beach, protected by the wind and from the waves, open for children and their parents to play and swim, to enjoy nature and the sea.

The roof is a curved surface which covers all three buildings to emphasize their interaction as a cultural destination and the architecture of the complex. The geometrical shape is derived from a section of a toroid and it slopes down towards the sea. Some of the exhibition spaces, the museum lobby as well as the office atrium will receive daylight through the roof.

The project will have different kinds of exhibition spaces: visiting the museum will be a cultural journey going from one space to the other. The office building along the Tjuvholmen Allee, has four floors and a mezzanine under the roof. 

A naturally lit atrium in the centre of the building connects the office floors. The materials for the new buildings are few in order to emphasize the unity of the complex and are subdued to emphasize the roof as the most important architectural element. The facades have glazed areas on the ground floor where the public view is desired.  

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