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Hotel Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland

Thursday 04 Oct 2012

Accomodating history

K2S Architects Ltd 
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K2S Architects' new hotel integrates modern style with Art Nouveau charm 

Hotel Paasitorni is a unique combination of contemporary and early 20th century architecture. There was a successful congress centre supported by a restaurant operator on the site working together when the client hired K2S Architects. Their vision was to introduce accommodation on the site which would enhance the services of the congress centre and strengthen the synergy between the different operators.

The design solution created a new heart for the block on several levels which serves as a common ground for all different operators. This new space serves both the clients and the personnel and forms numerous new connections between different parts and functions within the block.

The client had already recognised that architecture is one of the fundamental strengths of the congress centre. The architects' solution was simply to add another contemporary layer of architecture which respects the existing architectural layers from 1908, 1925 and 1955. The combination of four different eras is stronger than any of the eras on their own.

The hotel is a unique combination of old and new. It is located in three different building from three different eras which results in rich variety of rooms, spaces and atmospheres. This allows the hotel operator to serve clients with rooms of different sizes, views, services and prize categories.

Careful design and co-operation with the museum authorities has allowed the architects to introduce hotel spaces within listed historical buildings. The choice of form and materials integrates the contemporary architecture of the new hotel wing together with the Art Nouveau architecture of the oldest parts. At the same time it presents the whole complex with a new and fresh identity.

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K2S Architects Ltd

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