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Stinson Transport Centre, Montreal, Canada

Friday 31 Aug 2012

An integrating approach

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The Stinson Transport Centre is STM's newest public transport project located in Montreal, Canada 

The Societe de transport de Montréal (STM) is the transit authority in Montreal. Due to the increased demand for public transit, the STM needed a new transport centre to accommodate its flotilla. Located in a declining industrial sector, the transport centre is very large and its size(350 000 sq.ft.) was of particular concern to the neighboring residents.

The design intent was to achieve a seamless weaving of the project into the surrounding urban fabric. The designers proposed an integrating approach in order to create a singular and cohesive ensemble that would address urban integration considerations. Three overarching themes were taken into account: The weaving The designers developed an architectural device referred to as the 'weaving machine', which proposes to mesh together the structural grid of the building and the landscape into a new multifunctional feature: the roofscape.

The size of 7 football fields, the rooftop became the main driver for design intent and the main visual component for the neighbors, whose sole visual contact with the project will be from the top. The Urban Interface To contrast with the traditional opaque transport centres, it was decided that the interior of the building would reveal itself with a series of oversized windows along the street to offer direct views inside the facility, thus engaging the passerby and providing direct sunlight.

The Portal The green roof was not only to be admired by the neighbours but also by the employees themselves. To achieve this, an office bar was created to house all the office spaces on one level and hide all mechanical equipments. The office bar creates a strong visual cue for the site, giving vertical height to an otherwise flat volume. Innovation in addressing client’s requirements The Stinson transport centre is a prototype for the STM; it will become the benchmark for all future facilities.

The clever design helped mitigate the negative perception of a 24-hour transport facility, by hiding from view most of the bus circulation and, thus reducing noise and pollution. The roofscape is providing a visually engaging landscape for the citizens and the building’s occupants. Also, by combining offices and mechanical services in one large volume, the dramatic yellow office bar responds to its urban context by hiding equipment and linking both sides of the site.

Targeting a LEED Gold certification, as requested by the STM, the project features a multitude of sustainable design strategies among the most prominent being:

• Internal circulation of buses to eliminate emissions to the outside environment

• Radically efficient design of all vehicle circulation on site to reduce to a minimum greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide emissions

• Permeable surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff

• Optimization of daylight for all interior spaces, which helped reduced by 75% the use of artificial lighting

• Green roof and light colored roof membranes on about 45% of the roof and a white roof on the rest of the surface to avoid heat islands

• Water retention on site (3000 m3 is kept on site)

• 230 transplanted trees and 600 new trees

• State-of-the-art “regent eco” mechanical system

Approximately 85% of the heat produced by the vehicles and the maintenance area were reused by the heating and air conditioning systems. Energy savings totalize $925,000 per year. With its reduced ecological footprint and low maintenance fees, the Stinson Transport Centre would speak to the community and reduce (even eliminate) the negative impacts of the project, while attaining a high level of functionality inside a tight construction budget of 90M$ and an aggressive delivery schedule.

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