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Friday 31 Aug 2012

A new gate to Stockholm

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Stockhomsporten's new pedestrian and bycicle bridge hopes to connect landscape, city, and infrustructure through its design 

The project's centre is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge that connects the neighbourhoods and countryside on the infrastructural crossroad's four sides, a work of art and a sculptural landmark: a new symbol for Stockholm.

The artwork interacts with the magnificent landscape and creates a connection in time and space between nature, city and infrastructure. The bridge becomes a passageway and a meeting place where the spectacular and the everyday are tied together. The bridge's shimmering materiality varies depending on the viewer's position, movement and speed. It can be viewed from several different perspectives: towards Järvafield undulating topography it appears as a land art piece, from the roads it is perceived as a dynamic sculpture, for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the bridge it creates a kinetic experience, and at night it becomes a light installation.

The metal mesh that forms the bridge’s skin, appears depending on the geometry in some cases almost translucent, and in certain angles as massive. The fabric catches the light and colors from the environment, various light conditions during the day and year gives the bridge a wide range of colours and shades, from bright yellow one early spring morning to orange at sunset in September and saffron yellow against the winter snow. When night falls, the integrated lighting provides a warm golden light.

The sandblasted metallic fabric gives a shimmery surface, but no reflections that could cause road safety problems. On the bridges sides the metal mesh forms a screen that provides protection against wind and weather for pedestrians and cyclists. The railing height increases progressively from 1.5 m on ground to 3 m at the bridges highest point. The pedestrian and bicycle bridge is to be built at the same moment as the infrastructure work of the bypass Stockholm. In this way the walking and cycling link between the areas that are separated out of the road network is solved immediately.

The bridge forms a key sequence in the walk-and bicycle path that goes from Hjulsta to Barkaby City and from Bälsta river valley towards the Järvafield. The bridge creates both an entrance to Stockholm and to the surrounding neighborhoods and green spaces: Järvafield, Hjulsta and Barkaby. Since the bridge passes over the planned road infrastructure, the pedestrians and cyclists get spectacular new viewpoints towards the surrounding landscapes and neighborhoods, which increases ease of orientation and understanding of the place.

Urbanism and Architecture : EGA through Erik Giudice and Federico Mannella

Artist : Charlotte von Poehl

Landscape : Urbalab through Marco Rossi

Urban ecology and biodiversity : Naturföretaget

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
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Erik Giudice Architects

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