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Juso Continuing Care Unit, Cascais, Portugal

Friday 31 Aug 2012

Regenerating Healthcare

Images courtesy of Saraiva + Asociados 
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14/10/12 Amira Alymmahi, UAE
Facade is attractive and using white color gives indication of hygiene and heath. Also playing with narrow, random and vertical openings destroyed the bulky shape.

Saraiva + Asociados create a new Care Unit in Aldeia de Juso 

The Project proposal was to create a Medium to Long-Stay and Convalescence Health Care Unit. The design created by Saraiva + Asociados will be located in an existing building, the Headquarters of “Standard Eléctrica” (Electric Factory), located in Aldeia de Juso. One of the architect's main concerns was maintaining the volumetric characteristics. As a result the intervention reveals mainly the interior spaces alongside a new exterior finish.

The building is composed of 5 above-ground and one underground stories and it has a capacity of 73 beds. Since the project was about the regeneration of an existing building, the focus was on creating a modernized and effective environment. As a result time was invested on the study of constructive solutions which would guarantee thermal insulation in facades, windows/doors and roofs. With the research came the aim that the systems should contribute decisively for the resistance, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance of the entire complex.

The new image of the Building comes from the interpretation of various formal elements of the existing building with the aimed functionality of the program, with the addition of various legislations in regard to specialities. The result sees the reduction of windows, creating openings which are only enough to illuminate each compartment. They allow the creation of facades that are rhythmically marked by ‘rips’. This effect creates a harmonious and contemporary visual to the building.

All entrances have enhanced features either at a visual level or at a functional level. For instance, the space associated to the main entrance is not only emphasized, but also acts as protection to the users from outdoor climatic conditions. The same idea is applied to the patient entrance since they are most frequently used exterior areas. Another feature is the use of a metallic pergola right at the exit of the mortuary house hides it from the closest surrounding areas.

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