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Ningbo Transit Hub, Ningbo, China

Thursday 30 Aug 2012

A city in transit

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amphibianArc designs temprary transport hub for Ningbo 

Ningbo transit hub is to be a 6,500 sq-m, five to seven-year temporary structure serving the city's local and long distance busses. Due to its temporary nature and the need to keep it a low-budget project, the architects proposed a very simple form that does not involve complex curves nor difficult angles, all of which can be very expensive to build.

Another concern is that one of the main components of the program is a large waiting area with 600-700 seats to accommodate long distance bus travelers, which at peak traveling seasons can serve up to 1,500 people, but it was decided that this area is not to be air conditioned. amphibianArc's solution to provide comfort during hot summer days is the installation of several chimneys throughout to ventilate hot air out while louvers on the bottom of the walls allow cool air to enter the structure. The resulting form of the building provides a functional, practical and economical solution to meet the needs of our client and of its users.

Though maintenance building is a separate structure, the architects extended the roof plate of the main building to unify the two structures into one coherent design. This gesture has created a prominent main entrance for the station and at the same time, creating an outdoor space for recreation and fresh air at the rooftop for the drivers that stay at the adjacent dormitory. The  choice of material is reinforced concrete, one of the most economical building materials in China.

In order to achieve passive cooling for the building interior, we’ve also strategically placed operable windows in the East and North facing elevations, both of which also face the two main boulevards adjacent to the site. In order to achieve ease of use and take care of security concerns, each type of program that’s tailored for different group of users has a secure and relatively distinct circulation route and entry / exit way.

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