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Melkwegbridge, Purmerend, Netherlands

Wednesday 29 Aug 2012

Across the Milky Way...

NEXT architects 
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Award Entry

NEXT architects designs new bridge as both connection and destination 

NEXT architects sees it as their call to give form to places of recognition, by creating an identity for the location. It is the challenge of the designer to fit the modern era into an existing landscape and city, by giving new life to the strength of a location.

With the design for the Melkwegbridge, NEXT gave the city of Purmerend a physical connection between the new and historical centres in town. The design consists of two parts: pedestrians cross the water over a high arch, while bicycles and wheelchair traffic cross the bridge on a lower deck. To conform to the limited angle of inclination, a pendulum form was created, which makes the bridge long enough to fulfil all requirements.

The high arch reaches a height of over 12 m and offers the users not only a physical connection, but also an amazing viewpoint onto the city. LED lines are applied following the contours of the bridge, making the bridge a marvel to look at during the night. The bridge thus becomes more than just the fastest possible crossing, it becomes an destination and an attraction in itself. The bridge is due to officially open in October 2012.

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