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Livable Health City, Zhengzhou, China

Monday 27 Aug 2012

The healthy city

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'Energy Corridor' shapes new medical campus in China 

Within Xingyang county, the leaders of Zhengzhou in the People’s Republic of China envision a new sustainable Medical Community spanning 117 sq km. The first component is the 'Livable Health City' consisting of healthcare facilities accommodating 3,700 patient beds, a new 12,000 student Medical University and housing. This development creates a project integrated with its site and the environment, while additionally, benchmarking higher building performance standards for all work to follow.

High voltage transmission lines running through the city bifurcate the project and offer opportunities to reshape and redefine site organisation. In their path a proposed 400m wide 'Energy Corridor' delineates and expands setbacks from potential magnetic field emissions. It establishes a localised zone for all energy related needs, such as an Urban Farm Belt, Resource Recovery Center, Energy Plant and Pneumatic Waste Collection Centers.

As the Energy Corridor overlays itself on the city grid, building siting within the Healthcare, Academic and Residential campuses is developed around a continuous Linear Garden. Weaving itself up and over roadways, pedestrian and bicycling paths move seamlessly and unobstructed throughout the site. It stitches the hospitals to the university and links all wellness facilities. Running above grade and alongside the Linear Garden, an electric monorail system offers public transit for patients, visitors, residents and staff.

A unifying architectural language of planted surfaces and terra cotta cladding maintains a visual cohesiveness yet allows for individuality among varying building typologies. With the integration of an Energy Corridor, site organisation and clarity is achieved and forms that are both bold and unique generated. While the architecture speaks to connectivity, identity and community, the health and wellness of the campus is integrated into a dynamic and rich Linear Garden. They demonstrate a visual richness and sophistication unique to the Livable Health City and to Zhengzhou.

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