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Gipfelrestaurant Weisshorn, Arosa, Switzerland

Friday 17 Aug 2012

A welcome retreat

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Remote restaurant in the Swiss Alps completed by local architects Tilla Theus 

This buffed aluminium form is a remote restaurant at the summit of one of the Arosa peaks in Switzerland, and the work of experienced local architects Tilla Theus. The design studio recently saw their modest concept come to life as the isolated restaurant was realised in the powdery folds of snow in this picturesque region of the Swiss Alps.

Constructed using basic prefabricated wooden components, the petite form was realised in a short period of time with low transportation costs (materials were brought to site via cable car) with an efficient installation process. The restaurant’s façade is composed of hundreds of matte aluminium panels in an attempt to simulate the raw surroundings of its location.

Taking inspiration from the undulating snow-capped mountains of the site, Tilla Theus selected muted tones of anodised aluminium for the scaled exterior but counteracts this relatively cold material with a cosy wooden interior to welcome skiers and hikers. Complimenting the rough pine walls and ceilings are dark rubber granules on the floor and a vibrant red kitchen, naturally illuminated by a thick band of windows.

Building envelope specialists Scherrer Metec Ag were responsible for the overlapping hexagonal panels which reflect uninterrupted sunlight on the mountain peak. While the location of Tilla Theus’ brushed metal restaurant may appear remote, it is situated near to Arosa; a town and municipality in the district of Plessur, and a year-round tourist hotspot boasting over 60km of prime skiing slopes.

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