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Cloud House, Victoria, Australia

Wednesday 01 Aug 2012

The sky is the limit

All photos: John Gollings 
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07/08/12 Agnes Wanman, Wake Forest, NC
I'm sorry but if I owned this house I couldn't wait to tear this addition down! It is totally out of place with the style of house. If someone wants such an unconventional home they need to renovate a modern home or, better yet, build a new one. The front of the house is so cute. I'd love to have such a house, fixed up appropriately, of course! An historic house should not be treated in such a disrespectful way!

Aside from that I would have concerns about the cloud room. Maybe it's the lens used for the photograph but, if the photo gives a good representation, the room would give me vertigo. Just looking at the photo I experienced some vertigo. It felt as if I were in a large tube and traveling VERY fast! I suspect that if I were to walk into the room I'd feel that I needed something to hold onto, that I wasn't sure where "up and down" were.
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07/08/12 Robin Lockhart, Coral Gables, Florida
Thoroughly impressed, excellent architecture !


McBride Charles Ryan re-works suburban notion of 'the home' with renovation of Edwardian house in Victoria, Australia 

McBride Charles Ryan have designed and completed Cloud House, the addition to and renovation of a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia. The house has received several additions and modifications over the course of a century, and its current design sees an entirely new and striking construction approach.

The house has been designed in three distinct sections, to allow unexpected views of and out of the house as you move throughout the home. A key aspect of the concept was the leave the street facade as untouched as possible, to preserve the integrity of the neighbourhood property presence and out of respect for the residents. The neat and modest appearance of the house conceals the internal renovation work behind the house.

The interiors are largely white in colour, decorated by an exotic floral hallway carpet. This journey through the space is followed by the observer's encounter with a large, red-coloured box-kitchen in the heart of the property, which acts as a link from expected space to the unexpected. A cloud-shaped extrusion is the unexpected space located behind the property in the garden. The emphasis here is on play and fun, and is a social area where family and friends can group together.

This area faces south whilst allowing the sun from the north into the living area. The play between the traditional and the new undermines uniformed suburban life, whilst at the same time supporting a harmonious and appropriate existence between the properties on an urban street.

Samantha Morley

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McBride Charles Ryan

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