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PETAL, Italy

Wednesday 25 Jul 2012

Piece by piece

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A new product to ensemble lightweight steel momtubular structures 

Tecnopali's lead Engineer and Technical department recently developed a solution for Energy Transport using a lightweight Steel monotubular structure, for heavy angle high-tension Transmissions poles which facilitate logistics and transportation and allows for more flexible installation by crane or helicopter. General for heavy angle structures, large cumbersome lattice towers are used which are difficult to install, require extensive maintenance and are an eye-sore to the natural landscape.

This system developed is called ‘Petal' and is designed for the manufacture of separate pieces for each section of the 380kV structure, which are then mounted piece by piece. The four (to eight) pieces of each section weigh only one-fourth( to one-eight) the total section weight, making shipment and storage simpler, reducing total bulk for more versatile handling.

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