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SEMPERIT sliding gaskets, Germany

Wednesday 18 Jul 2012

EPDM sliding gaskets

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High-performance, long-lasting sliding gaskets with the energy-saving properties and flexibility of EPDM rubber 

Semperit sliding gaskets are innovative sealing solutions for sliding windows and shutter systems that provide friction-less roll, maximum air impermeability and excellent hygiene over a long lifetime.

The team's in-house research engineers developed their innovative sliding gaskets with durability and the demands of energy efficiency regulations for homes and offices in mind: how best to ensure maximum heat retention and air impermeability whilst minimising the wear and tear associated with opening and closing windows or shutters.

Due to their specially treated surface,Semperit sliding gaskets provide a consistently smooth, effortless roll over a lifetime of operation. Indeed, in endurance tests the sliding gaskets beat conventional thermoplastic gaskets and brush strips hands down: after simulating 25,000 operations (opening/closing a sliding window) the sliding gaskets maintained the same level of silent, effortless (11 nm) roll, elastic recovery, abrasion-resistance and complete impermeability to air and water penetration as at the beginning of the test.

These findings were also independently confirmed in March 2012 by experts at the Air-Conditioning Systems Laboratory of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. Their findings proved that in simulated life cycle (15 years) tests the EPDM gaskets not only guaranteed an enduring barrier against wind, rain and condensation water, but also provide additional benefits: EPDM rubber is naturally more hygienic than TP gaskets, resulting in lower levels of mould growth. 

Along with their excellent mechanical and thermal properties, Semperit sliding gaskets offer system owners a wide range of benefits: DIN certified, easily mountable, maintenance-free, stainless, resistant to ozone and UV, and fully functional at temperatures between -35°C and +100°C. Semperit's sliding gaskets come in various colours and geometries for uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite windows to help architects match beautiful design with maximum energy efficiency.


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