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The Deloitte Head Office Building, Pretoria, South Africa

Wednesday 18 Jul 2012

A forest like enviroment

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With the use of 144 tons of steel, Boogertman + Partners complete The Deloitte Head Office Building 

The Deloitte Head Office Building in Pretoria was constructed with an EPS (extruded polystyrene system) light weight structure. This technology has been used extensively in Europe, but has to date not been accepted in the main stream construction industry in South Africa. The poly-wall system composed thin gauge steel members clad with foam and gypsum boards finished off with rendered plaster.

With the use of 144 tons of steel, this system enabled the Architect to design facades that cannot be built with masonry. The façade interface incorporates soft flowing curves, to accentuate the natural tree line that was on the original site. These brightly rendered curved facades have become the prominent trademark in the area.

Situated in a "forest like" environment, the building facades were designed with angular window fenestration which resembles the patterns of the original tree stems on the site, creating a contemporary forest pattern on the building. On the external facades the steel work also followed the design concept of tree stems, and were designed & erected in angular patterns. The architect made use of a number of fin-walls as well as large feature walls on the edges of slender cantilevered slabs.

Furthermore the light weight walling systems greatly improved construction speed. Wall panels were designed and manufactured off site where upon delivery to site, they were connected and erected. Glazing contractors were able to start manufacturing the aluminium prior to the light weight walling system was installed as this system is extremely accurate.

In addition, the system allowed for far better accuracy which ensured better detailing and finishing connections, which could not have been achieved with masonry, also ensuring that only a limited amount of masonry work was required on site, which ensured a clean and safe construction site during the construction period.

Similarly, the main entrance lobby stair case was designed as a "birds nest" to keep with the natural concept, and received timber cladding at various angular patterns in order to obtain the desired effect.

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Boogertman + Partners (Pty) Ltd

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