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Schlaich Bergermann and Partner, Stuttgart, Germany

Friday 13 Jul 2012

A change in space

All images: Zooey Braun 
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An aesthetic world cites the precision and technical connotations of engineering 

The main Stuttgart headquarters of prestigious engineering firm Schlaich Bergermann und Partner have relocated. The new office building designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group - Identity Architects establishes a new communication culture and working environment.

The idea was to establish a central communication space for all departments in addition to the differentiated areas that cater to the different demands of every collegial exchange. Work processes that had previously taken place in individual, decentralised offices have been shifted into large open-plan offices to promote collegial exchange. Varying layouts on the individual work floors produce diverse office environments.

Each floor consists of a varying number of individual offices and separate team work areas, as well as a large open-plan work space. The five office floors house around 25 workstations per floor and follow an identical basic structure and composition. The suspended construction signals openness: allowing team members to communicate with adjacent groups of workstations, while a space-in-space situation is created when seated to ensure discretion.

While the glass-fronted individual offices remain part of the overall space, Cruciform elements divide the open-plan areas into individual units that allow a concentrated work climate. A series of warm materials and a collage of communication zones with different moods create a place where you can feel at home.

Unique architectural elements include a free-floating staircase, engineered by the company itself, and three white exhibition cubes in free formation. Smaller details such as the indentations in the carpet have a signpost function and point to the different functional zones within the space. The neon green dots on the floor of the dining area are designed to conjure up associations of a meadow, thus building a conceptual bridge to the terrace.

There are spaces contained within spaces such as an upholstered semi-circle opens toward the terrace, thus demarcating this area from the rest of the space. Practically transparent latticework curtains suggest a semi-private space, while fresh colours, a deep blue table and a pink carpet, add a dash of inspirational energy to the mix.

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