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KBSTI, Oudenaarde, Belgium

Friday 13 Jul 2012

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Unique clickable cable tray system offers energy-efficient solution 

Vergokan, Belgian producer of Cable Support Systems, offers a completely revolutionary concept, far-removed from the traditional form of every current cable tray system. Due to its unique shape, the KBSTI represents an ingenious and innovative cable tray system which is unique on the market.

The design is amazingly simple and simultaneously offers a number of substantial advantages: the KBSTI cable tray system is designed to be stronger, to be stored and transported in an optimal manner, to install quickly and easily without tools, and to provide random overlap.

The changeover from the classic U-shape to a specific taper-shape makes the KBSTI cable tray not only stronger and more robust, it also assures substantial space savings in transport and storage.

Thanks to its unique shape, the cable tray has become stronger, giving the possibility to increase the load. If you don't have to increase the load, the KBSTI requires fewer brackets in comparison to a classic cable tray of the same thickness. Or you can select a thinner KBSTI for the same load; in other words, this means fewer steel resources for producers and less steel consumption for the customer.

The KBSTI cable trays are optimally stackable. That means savings of 70 - 80% in storage space and transport costs. Occupying less space also means less packaging. In all cases, it is a more cost-effective solution with a substantial decrease of the carbon footprint.

The Quick & Click system and the random overlap, too, are unique features, which make substantial savings possible on installation time. Trays can be quickly linked to one another and do not require any tools or accessories. Possible random overlap makes time-consuming sawing unnecessary, also cutting noise levels. It ensures optimal flexibility and a reduction in time during the installation.

The KBSTI provides all other well-known Vergokan qualities. Safety, sustainability and reliability are given absolute priority.

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