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Solimpeks Thermosiphon System, Turkey

Thursday 12 Jul 2012

Great Confidence for Fresh Water

Solimpeks Solar Energy 
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Solimpeks Solar Energy have produced the TSM 200 & 300 Thermosiphon Systems 

In the thermosyphon solar water heaters, the fluid within the system moves with natural circulation, without pump support. Solimpeks offers two different choices of thermosyphon systems among its range of products that are TSM 200 and TSM 300.TSM 200 has a heating capacity of 300 litres of water per day and TSM 300 has a heating capacity of 400 litres of water per day.

The uniqueness of TSM Thermosiphon System is its working principal. The main supply of fresh water flows into the serpentine coil which has a huge length of 36 metres and made by stainless steel AISI 316 L. This coil is heated by the whole tank. Thus, the TSM owned family having shower and dishwashing in great confidence due to the hygenic, unaccumulated, legionella free water, supplied by TSM.

The lime problem is minimized by the use of custom design stainless steel flexible heat exchanger , while the system installation proves convenience, thanks to the light weight of the tank. The most distinctive characteristics of Solimpeks TSM system are its unpressurized tank ( but pressurized water ), no necessity for magnesium anode and so its maintenance free nature.The products provide an aesthetic appearance with the tank placed behind the solar panel.

Solimpeks TSM system possesses the most effective results (65% solar fraction at 300 lt in Athens cond.) among all the SOLARKEYMARK certified thermosyphon systems in the world (Acc. to EN 12976-1:2). Produced by the quality of Solimpeks, TSM Thermosiphon Systems are guaranteed for 7 years. The TSM systems offer many benefits: they are good for both the environment and for your budget, and they have a nice look on the roof.

An investment in TSM systems gives you the confidence that you did the right thing.

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Solimpeks Solar Energy

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