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SAS International System 8000, United Kingdom

Thursday 05 Jul 2012

Not a drywall in the house

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System 8000 is a single system which allows seamless integration with glass into drywall, as well as with suspended ceiling systems 

SAS International's new System 8000 fully-glazed, frameless partitioning system combines aesthetics with outstanding acoustic, fire and structural performance. Enabling architectural vision to be realised, this new solution integrates specification-led interior products.

How the product evolved
With structural engineers specifying the amount of necessary slab deflection, architects have had to ensure not only that internal walls can meet the technical demands placed upon them, but ensure that this is balanced with aesthetics.

Individual glass partitioning and drywall systems could meet the levels of deflection required, but integration between the two materials was not considered and would be specified as separate systems, from different manufacturers. Modern space planning requires a mix of glazed and solid plasterboard drywall configurations which has meant that specification of how these two differing elements are integrated has been left to the architect.

The innovation
To overcome the challenge and provide a solution that would meet structural and aesthetic demands, in a single system, led interior solutions manufacturer SAS International to design and manufacture this new fully glazed partitioning system. System 8000 allows seamless integration with glass into drywall, as well as with suspended ceiling systems.

Without compromising on performance the partitioning system utilises the same head detail across glass and drywall elevations, enabling a consistent design deflection detail across the whole system. A wide selection of head tracks can provide varying degrees of deflection, up to ±25mm, to suit specification requirements.

To overcome the design challenge of blending glass with drywall partitions, System 8000 creates a fully integrated appearance using a range of aluminium pocket drywall trims enabling glass elevations to flow into solid with ease.

Offering a modern, minimalist appearance System 8000 is available in traditional single and double glazed configurations, along with a new 50mm-wide double-glazing detail.

The system provides up to 47dB acoustic performance, up to 60 minutes fire performance and severe structural performance.

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