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Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Headquarters - Monroe Shops, Dallas, United States

Wednesday 04 Jul 2012

A sharp DART

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26/07/12 Steven Lee Bourn, Dallas, TX
The high end adaptive reuse of this brown site project is the first public-owned or developed project listed on the National Register of Historic Places to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The design of the project wed respectful preservation and conservation of the original building’s elements in accordance with the Secretary of the Interiors Guidelines with the functional requirements for a modern police headquarters. To design a state-of-the-art police headquarter s a challenge. To design a functional state -of-art police headquarters with the structural and historic confines of a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places placed additional requirements on the design team.

In order for DART not having to exercise an additional year’s lease for the DART Police, an expedited construction completion date was set for this project. To start construction early, the design team designed the project to be constructed by three construction contracts with the latter two construction contracts overlapping in time.

In addition, this project also includes a judicial facility. Soon after the opening of the police headquarters, DART tasked the design team to accommodate the City of Dallas’s request for South Oak Community Court. The design scope for the independent judicial facility design included that it be constructed within, and not interferes with, the security and operational requirements of the DART Police Headquarters.

Both DARTS’ tenant projects were designed and constructed within scope, schedule and budget.

To date, this project has received awards and/or recognition from the 2012 AIA/AAJ Justice Facilities Review Awards Program, 2012 Preservation Dallas Achievement Award, 2012 Preservation Texas Award, and 2012 Regional Hispanic Contractors Association of North Texas Green Project of the Year Award, EARTH DAY DALLAS 2012, and the Urban Land Institute North Texas.

Steven Lee Bourn AIA

Chief Architect

Dallas Area Rapid Transit
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20/07/12 dianne, Dallas
This is indeeed a Historical Landmark in the City of Dallas and Excellent location for the DART Police Headquarters in the Southern Sector. In addition to housing the DART Police Headquarters, there's a Community Court located in the building. The Community Court arraign defendants arrested for "quality of life crimes" The goals of the court are greater accountability of offenders to the community and greater community involvement in the criminal justice system. The court assist defendants with job training/job placement, DART bus passes, housing and food vouchers. In lieu of fine & court cost they are allowed to perform community service hours. "EXCELLENT PARTNERSHIP"
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Award Entry

Aguirre Roden (Track3) + Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam completes adaptive re-use for Dallas Area Rapid Transit 

In the process of acquiring land for a light rail transit station in South Dallas, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) came into possession of a 100 year-old building that had been used as a maintenance facility for the Dallas Interurban Railway, an electric train system that operated in Dallas from 1908 through 1948. This building had been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, complicating rehabilitation and remodeling efforts. The building stood vacant and deteriorating for 50 years.

Both the City of Dallas and DART desired to put this building back into productive use.  DART decided to use this building as a headquarters for their transit police force.  The primary difficulty was how to accommodate 65,000 square feet of required program space into an existing building footprint of 28,000 square feet. In addition, the existing building was a single story high-bay space with the clear height to the bottom of the roof trusses of 30 feet.

By utilising innovative techniques, the design team was able to fit three floors into the existing building envelope while addressing both the historic fabric of the building envelope and DART's desire for sustainability and LEED certification.

One of these innovative techniques was an underfloor distribution system for conditioned air, plumbing and electrical power.  This eliminated overhead clearances required for ductwork, conduit and piping and allowed three floors to be built within the existing space. Another innovation was the 'box within a box' system, designing the interior spaces separated from the uninsulated historic brick exterior bearing walls. Other innovative systems were chosen for sustainability reasons. 

The total result of these innovative systems was that this facility has achieved LEED Platinum certification, the highest level of sustainability in the LEED system, and the first historic building to achieve such a feat.

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Aguirre Roden (Track3)

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