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Culture Yard in Elsinore, Elsinore, Denmark

Wednesday 04 Jul 2012

The Culture Yard in Elsinore

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Conversion of the old shipyard, which will provide the city of Elsinore with a new cultural yard. 

Opened on 10/10/2010 at 10:10 the project is the first 17.000-m2 conversion of the old shipyard, which will provide the city of Elsinore with a new cultural yard. The yard will contain a library, exhibition areas, a concert hall and other cultural facilities bringing new life to the worn out site.

The old shipyard is located on the harbour front across from Kronborg Castle, an UNESCO World Heritage site. The client has been the municipality of Elsinore, while Soren Jensen Consulting Engineers provided structural, mechanical, electrical, fire, security and IT-systems engineering. The project was won in an open international competition in 2006 in collaboration with the Danish architectural practice Aart. The competition called for a masterplan for the conversion of the entire former shipyard site and a proposal for the new cultural centre consisting of 4 very different buildings.

To bind the buildings together the team developed a complex triangulated structure of glass and steel that wraps around and cut through the existing buildings to form an arcade. The close proximity of the harbour and thus high water table gave the project a series of rare challenges. The conversion of the existing buildings with variable structural systems and materials used meant that each of the projects 4 buildings had to be designed differently. This led to a great variety in structural solutions. Some of which is daring, others innovative and most unique to this particular project.

One of the new buildings is the new main entrance to the centre and its cantilevered 3 story steel structure gives it a unique and iconic identity. The structure is composed of a steel structure with composite beams that balances on two concrete pillars, which carries most of the buildings weight. Over the entrance a steel and glass overhang stretches 15 m out in skew angles.

The geometry and apparent lack of stability provided the engineering team with significant challenges. The new concert hall building has a basement cast partly under water, with all the challenges it brings. The deck over the concert hall has composite beams with spans in excess of 25 meters. Due to a limit on the overall height of the building, the beam depth was pushed to a minimum resulting in a composite deck with extremely low frequencies.

The existing buildings required assessment of their structural capacity and the development of very complex, adjustable interim support systems while large parts of the existing structures such as the basement floors or entire rows of columns were removed and replaced with members in new positions. Cartoon-like sketch drawings was made to show the contractor the different phases of support, demolish and rebuilding for each of the buildings. This was part of a major challenge for the design team - to communicate the design intend to client, contractors and the general public of this high unusual set of buildings.

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