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Wave - Perpspective - Figure, Oslo, Norway

Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

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Award Entry

Code designs a new muesum for Oslo city centre 

The objective of the competition is to arrive at structural solutions for the joint localisation of the collection of works by the great Norwegian artist Edward Munch (1863-1944) and the art collections of the collector and financier Rolf Stenersen (1899-1978). In addition, proposals must show how the full development of the Munch Area can be realised, combining other urban functions with the museum complex in a good and integrated solution. The required program is totally 50,000 sq m, including 20,000 sq m for the new museum.

The competition area is centrally located in Oslo, close to the country's most important public transportation intersection Oslo Central Station and the region's commercial center. Attractive natural features such as Oslo Fjord, Aker River and Ekeberg Hill, distinguish the district, together with close proximity to cultural monuments such as the Medieval Park, the characteristic Quadrature town layout as well as Akershus Castle and Fortress.

Wave-Perspective-Figure locate the Munch Museum and the Stenersen Museum Collections at Bjørvika's most intensive intersection, as a major part of a new open accessible urban space in the Opera Street, where the Akerselva Common and  Station Common are linked together.

By placing the museums at the intersection, the art and activity in the museums will be made visible and accessible in the city. From the entrances in the Opera Street, the museum will have large, airy exhibition areas - a new and modern exhibition space - with international ambitions of being the most central destination for contemporary artistic and cultural life.

Wave-Perspective-Figure manufacture the entire surface of Paulsenkaia (competition area) into one interconnected urban landscape. A new urban situation developed with intimate, covered-in and outgoing urban spaces, in and along the  Station Common and the Akerselva-Common.  A large climatized urban space, with sunny façades and outdoor spaces with cafés, shops and galleries located between the Opera and Bispevika.

The project as an urban district is adressed by the new museum, inspired - in scale - by previous maritim industry, landscape and natural features, infrastructure and urban structures.  The key-factor is that the museums promotes highly as a maximised cultural site. A self-reflexive structure as a new cultural arena inside the urban fabric of Oslo. The museum is developed as an iconic outline, contrasting the dynamic shaped and undulated architectural landscape.

The proposed urban development, including the museum, is designed as a continous architectural landscape, with an approximate length of 300 m and widths ranging from 90 m in the north to 10 m in the south. The project extends vertically over up to 8 levels with one basement below ground level.

The project as a compact building, gives number of advantages linked to energy utilisation and sustainability. A compact building structure as a starting-point for low energy standard and the proposal's homogeneous façades enable controlled and energy-adjusted utilization of glass. Further the project's roof surface can be exploited with solar-cell panels and solar traps, and to collect / control water.The use of concrete partitions and covering elements will pave the way for remote heatingand remote cooling.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
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