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Escea DX1500 Gas Fireplace, New Zealand

Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

ESCEA turn up the heat

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06/08/12 Chris, Warsaw
Very nice fireplace. Like features and good images.

Award Entry

The Escea's DX1500 sets new standards in the luxury fireplace market 

Escea's new DX 1500 ultra wide gas fireplace features ultra high efficiency, control via iPhone and Android app, the ability to be remotely switched via the internet, and an integrated central heating style ducted system to spread the heat through the whole home. The DX1500 certainly makes the old open fireplace look positively prehistoric.

The DX1500 was designed with the architect in mind. While this fireplace is extremely functional, its modern clean design makes it simple to draw into any building. The installation is simplified as the fireplace is "zero rated" meaning no clearance is required to combustible material. The frameless look means the fireplace sits well in a modern style building, however if a more ornate look is required then the clean simple lines of this fireplace coupled with it zero clearance allow it to be built into any surround the architect desires. The option of installing the fireplace as a two sided see through unit adds further possibilities.

The traditional fireplace requires the flue to run straight up often causing major design issues. The DX1500 uses a flexible flue pipe which can be run horizontally (up to 12 metres) and can terminate on a vertical wall thus simplifying drawing this fireplace in to a building.

Much of the performance of this fireplace is derived from Escea's proprietary "Smart Heat" control system. This intelligent control unit also allows the system to be mated in with home automation systems, further advancing the concept of the intelligent home.

This fireplace not only went through stringent in-house testing, but was also rigorously tested by external labs before being issued an internationally recognised certificate of compliance.

1.500 Metre Wide
10.2kW Maximum Heat Output
81 -85% Efficiency as independently tested
Integrated Ducted heat system
Thermostatically Regulated
iPhone / Android / Internet / Home Automation Controllable
Optional Single or Double Sided
3 Fascia Options
6 Fuel Bed Options

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