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National Library of Public Information (National Taichung Library), Taichung, Taiwan

Friday 29 Jun 2012

Knowledge in the digital age

J. J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners 
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Award Entry

A geographical and metaphorical confluence of information exploration and urban evolution 

National Library of Public Information occupies a site that is both geographically and metaphorically the confluence of information exploration and urban evolution. The dynamic form of the building features a 'horizontal flow' theme recalling the early irrigation canals in the city's settlement since the 18th century. The unique façade provides a counterpoint to the prevalent vertical dimension of urban development as well as symbolises the fluid data interface in the internet age.

On the street level the layout of the site and building is designed to invite the community to approach with its main entrance fronting the existing city green belt, easily accessible circulation paths, the grand steps connecting the plaza and a central court embraced by the ‘L’ shaped building whose configuration embraces the green belt with its concaved gesture. Slopes and steps that look randomly arranged hold discreet spatial notations and lead people to the library from different directions with distinct spatial experience.

In one area the gentle lawn is intended to become an outdoor reading zone for the public. In another area, the paved plaza works together with the layered greenery to provide an inviting visual appeal to visitors moving towards the building. Founded on the balance between cultural, technical and indigenous uniqueness, the design of the National Library of Public Information has established a new model for future civic projects in Taiwan.

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JJPan & Partners, Architects & Planners

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