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Paul Clemence interviews Michelle Weinberg

Monday 18 Jun 2012

Composing with the City

Eduardo Ford 
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Paul Clemence interviews Michelle Weinberg 

It is hard to go through a city (any city, anywhere) these days and not be somehow affected by the constant flow of visual stimuli we are bombarded with. From architecture follies to commercial signage to traffic information, our vision field, our sense of personal space and connection are constantly being challenged. Some call it visual pollution but some actually take inspiration from it, like artist Michelle Weinberg.

She applies her talent to create environments that seem to see the poetic side of the chaotic urban ethos. She seeps through the images we routinely dismiss (or think we do) from our visual cortex and builds with them, arranging them like an architect would, planning interiors, vistas and selecting materials, walls and textures with which to build. Her ‘architecture’ at first glance may seem like a cartoon, stage set faux façade, but it appears within a surface context in a way that becomes intrinsic to it and part of a deeper sense of space.

A brave explorer of mediums, she has collaborated with architects applying her bold graphics and colours to buildings, creating site specific work for both walls and floors, and recently has been awarded a public commission in Tampa, Florida that will bring her work to the asphalt pavement on the city, giving new meaning to the expression ‘street art’.

Last week, on the verge of her recent opening at the Bob Rauschenberg at the Edison State College in Fort Meyers, Florida, I caught up with Michelle and we talked about architecture, her process, the many mediums she works with, the digital world and being a creative person today. Here is some of what she told me....more

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