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Daeyang Gallery and House, Seoul, Korea

Friday 08 Jun 2012

A symphonic interpretation of space

All images courtesy of Steven Holl Architects 
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Steven Holl Architects' musically-inspired Daeyang Gallery and House completed 

Steven Holl Architects has completed the Daeyang Gallery and House, located in the Sungbuk district of Seoul, Korea. The private gallery and house were inspired by a 1967 sketch of a music score by composer Istvan Anhalt called 'Symphony of Modules', discovered in a book by John Cage titled 'Notations', and works to convey sequential movement in its composition. Steven Holl Architects, based in New York and Beijing, has designed architectural work nationally and overseas, with attention paid to buildings related to the arts, such as museums, galleries, and exhibition designs.

There are three pavilions within the construction; one for residence, one for entry, and the final for event space which seem to push upward from a gallery level below. The red and charcoal stained wood interiors of the pavilions are activated by skylight strips of clear glass that are cut into the roof, so that artificial, as well as natural light move within the inner spaces, and is intended to represent a cesura in music. The glass lens strips in the pool enables light to break through to the white plaster walls and white granite floor of the gallery below. More skylights are scattered across the base of the pool, so daylight must pass through the water before entering the gallery.

The pool separates and connects the pavilions to suggest continuity between the elements and construction which is confirmed by the incorporation of a bamboo garden and the incorporation of the custom patinated copper exteriors, which ages naturally within the landscape. The Daeyang Gallery and House is heated and cooled with geothermal wells, which release greenhouse gases trapped deep within the earth, but emissions which are much lower per energy unit than those of fossil fuel, making it a sustainable project from Steven Holl Architects.

Samantha Morley

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