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EYE Film Institute Netherlands

Wednesday 09 May 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Iwan Baan 
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Delugan Meissl Associates completes stark white EYE Film Institute Netherlands 

Both the EYE Film Institute’s concept and urban implementation by Delugan Meissl Associates are based on an overlay of two creative disciplines which have at their core reality and fiction, illusion and real experience. Located in Amsterdam, the area’s distinctive communicative effect goes beyond the confines of the building, thus transforming the visit to the Film Institute into a sustained encounter between urban reality and cinematographic fiction.

A concrete core encloses the base of the building and the central vertical distribution channel, while the three-dimensional steel frame suspended over it defines the distinctive shape of the external appearance. To shape this self-supporting space frame structure, two provisional supports absorbed the loads during the construction phase before the self-supporting effect of the overall construction spread the weight to the cantilevering on both sides of the building. In the core of the building, five supports carry the span of the roof; three of these supports are integrated visibly into the spatial geometry of the arena. Due to its geological structure and immediate vicinity to the het IJ, the banked-up plot, which was reclaimed in the course of the urban expansion plans for the Overhoeks region, required extensive soil conditioning works ahead of the actual construction works.

The external building shell has a homogeneous appearance with the finer structure only becoming apparent upon approaching the film institute. Geometrically tailored façade elements in rhythmic sequence form a linear pattern, whose joints present sufficient tolerance to absorb without tension any admissible statics-related deflections of the overall structure. The outermost layer of the façade, consisting of aluminium-plated sandwich panels, rests on a base construction of prefabricated, insulated and sealed wooden box elements with mounted aluminium profiles.

The inclusion of the shore strip into the Film Museum’s outer area is articulated as a long-stretched, stepped access ramp that runs parallel to the river and connects directly to the existing promenade where the Overhoeks Tower is situated. This represents a fundamental part of the dramatic composition. Users access the building over a gentle slope and in constant deceleration, whereby the optical changes of the surrounding city view become the centre of attention. While the view over the city and the water widens with increasing height, the physiological effect of the barrier-free access area determines the movement. The dynamic room sequence is clearly recognisable from the building’s general external geometry and it develops on the inside as a coherent spatial and visual succession of single rooms. The building consists of a base of site-mixed concrete and a steel structure resting on top of it.

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