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Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel, Shanghai, China

Monday 30 Apr 2012

East meets West

copyright 2012 VOA associates incorporated 
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Award Entry

VOA Associates use western influences mixed with eastern culture to tell a subtle cultural story 

The Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel, completed in December 2010, is a western operated hotel reflecting the history of a city where western influences mix with eastern culture. The hotel is warm and welcoming, service is oriented to the patron's experience, and the design tells a subtle cultural story. The traditional experience of being welcomed into a Chinese palace is figuratively recreated. Shanghai is the cultural gateway to China with shipping ports, and important maritime location. It has been a city of territorial battles between different factions for its ports and commerce. East-west influences have shaped the city's history. The Chinese culture remains strong, but unique to Shanghai. The interior design drew inspiration from the maritime tradition of trade and the stormy windblown character of relationships between China and the West. The finicky nature of wind and current also influenced the design.

The design of typical rooms and suites is youthful and contemporary. It provides sophisticated comfort to the seasoned traveller. An open guest bath/guest room configuration adds drama to the room that is unexpected and unique; the integrated package of fantasy, drama and relaxation enhances the brand experience in the room. Each suite has its own personality, integrating the overarching theme of wind currents from the East and West into the suite's environment. The guest suites are a celebration of the tradition of the East and the contemporary comfort of the West in a unique, efficient and open layout. Each suite has its own personality and will provide the guest a unique experience inspired by the arrival from the sea to the beach and then travelling deep into the forest. Colours suggest the sea with rich blues and beiges accented with traditional gold, or a walk on the beach toward the forest, with lighter blues and beiges accented with sandy golden hues.

The hotel caters to business between east and west as well as traditional special events within Chinese culture. It reflects the organic swirling nature of maritime currents and the stormy nature of winds that flow and change. The hotel design is a mixture of strong forces combined with calm eddies to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Value 22694610.0000(m€)
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VOA Associates Incorporated

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