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Shezhen University Affiliated Hospital, Shenzhen, China

Monday 30 Apr 2012

Making the cut

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Award Entry

New hospital design for Shenzhen takes inspiration from Chinese art of 'Jianzhi' 

Shenzhen University Affiliated Hospital is located at the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, on a site of 89,828 sq m in size, with an overall floor area of 135,000 sq m, consisting of a couple of high-rise buildings (the inpatient department) and a series of podium buildings (the outpatient, emergency department and medical laboratory) extending to the east side. It is a brand new general hospital.

The design of the University Hospital is inspired by the ancient Chinese folk art of paper-cutting, which is to use tools to create a variety of hollow patterns on a piece of paper. It is as if the University Hospital buildings are constructed by artistic papers stacked smoothly together. Such a structure not only demonstrates the beauty of art but also meets the space requirements of the project. To pursue a 'gardenised' result, the designer subtly integrates gardens into the project, forming a piece of architecture with gardens situated in every pore of the building.

The courtyards and the roof patios make up the gardens on the horizontal levels, while the designer decomposes a 'bigger garden', and hangs it on the façade of the building, creating a three-dimensional garden system in the University Hospital, bringing the gardens closer to people. Both patients and the hospital staff are immersed in greens at all times and are able to enjoy the vigour and hope brought by the plants. The surrounding scenery of hills is incorporated into the courtyard landscaping and the building design, with the attempt to create a gardenised architecture.

Shenzhen is located in the south to the Tropic of Cancer and has a subtropical maritime climate. The plants hanging outdoors can easily thrive because of the warm and humid environment. Thanks to the temperate weather in winter, the designer can put part of the veranda outdoor without the fear of exposure to cold temperature. Such design resolves the issues of lighting and ventilation with a low-budget and also blocks the blazing local direct sunlight, saving a good deal of energy consumption for air conditioning. The University Hospital project adopts the characteristic of paper: light, graceful and pure. Combined with ubiquitous green, it makes the external world no longer mere cold walls to the patients, but vibrant gardens providing care wherever you go.

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