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Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Nanjing, China

Monday 30 Apr 2012

Bring the outside in

Lemanarc S.A. 
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Lemanarc S.A. creates 'gardenised' architecture for hospital in Nanjing 

Located at the centre of Nanjing City, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital South Extension is a general hospital extension project combining inpatient and outpatient departments, emergency, medtech, medical academic exchange departments. The site of the project is 37,900 sq m in size, with an a overall floor area of 260,000 sq m. The project was designed in 2005 and completed in 2012. The design concept of the project was inspired by the interpretation of the term 'hospital' in traditional Chinese culture.

The English word 'hospital' is originated from Latin, meaning gathering guests, but in Chinese, the term 'hospital' (Yi Yuan) is read word by word as the 'Healing Gardens'. The core of the design for the project is to 'gardenise' the hospital, to create gardens everywhere. In traditional Chinese culture, a garden is the borderland between home and the outside world. Walking into the garden means you can block all external interference and achieve true relaxation in both body and mind. To gardenise the hospital is not only to achieve the sensory beauty, but more importantly to bring spiritual comfort to people.

In this project, the gardens are infused into every detail of the building. The designers decomposed the gardens in the traditional sense into small units, and woven them into the skin texture of the building, using the façade as a carrier of the gardens. The plants imbedded in the façade together with the theme gardens on the ground constituted a large scale garden system, stereoscopic and exuberant, creating gardens everywhere at your finger tips. The designer believes that a hospital is a connecting point between this earthly world and the afterlife, where the beginning and the end of the life meet each other.

The Drum Tower Hospital, which started as a missionary hospital, was built by priests in 1892. In the extension proposal, the designers tried to reconnect with tradition, making the hospital a place of communication between man and God, like a church. Consequently, the design of the Drum Tower Hospital  aspires to be simple and pure. The adoption of a large amount of courtyards, light wells and stacks of transparent garden façade ensures abundant natural lighting, producing peaceful and tranquil result, filling the spaces with a church-like, poetic atmosphere.

With regard to energy conservation, the external façade employs white frosted glass, which resolved the issue of indoor lighting while filtering the direct sunlight, creating soft ambience. Furthermore, in allusion to the sweltering summer weather in Nanjing, a lateral ventilation system is installed on the façade to release accumulative heat on the surface, significantly reducing energy consumption and allowing the building to better serve the users.

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Lemanarc S.A.

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