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Rowing and Sailing Pavilions, Getxo Marina, Bizkaia, Spain

Friday 20 Apr 2012

A glow from within

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Rowing and Sailing Pavilions in Bizkaia sport illuminated double lightweight skin facade 

Abar Architects has completed this dynamic series of Rowing and Sailing Pavilions on the Cantabrian coast, replacing an area formerly used as a car park with a cluster of glowing huts. The double façade system of the Rowing and Sailing Pavilions is formed from a double lightweight skin comprising a galvanised steel enclosure and wooden latticework frame, combined with polycarbonate panels and metallic aluminium frames.

Care has been taken to associate the new structures with the surrounding natural scenery as opposed to the neighbouring urban forms, the position of each of the buildings dictated by ramps that provide an easy route to launch the rowing and sailing vessels. The horizontal pinewood slats - autoclaved with copper salts - draw a subtle relationship with natural elements.

The architects detail: “The aim here was to generate a proposal endowed with some degree of serenity and neutrality, with the sea and the boats as the true protagonists and seeking to make us forget, at least in this area, the dominant disorder by putting forward the horizon, the lighthouse and the masts as the visual motif.”

Within the generous forms are located various functional amenities, including classrooms and changing rooms, a gym, a covered hanger for rowing longboats, and an open yet contained area for storing sailboats. This courtyard-style area is protected by the aforementioned double-skin façade. At night, the pavilions are illuminated by a warming light show which casts slotted shadows through the wooden latticework.

Abar architects (Ander Aginako & Amaia Celaya) worked on this project with MdG architects (Pedro Mª Múgica & Jakinda de Goyarzu) and Julen Altuna.

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