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Santa Lucí­a General University Hospital, Cartagena, Spain

Thursday 19 Apr 2012

More than a hospital

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Award Entry

Sustainable design integrates medical functions with an open-air boulevard, sports, leisure and commercial areas 

The program for this hospital includes not just the usual health-related activities, but also sports, leisure and commercial areas. The objective is to get a stronger integration of the community into the hospital building area and to develop a better sense of health prevention. This General University Hospital with a maximum capacity of 656 beds has all of the medical services for its category in the Cartagena health area. The building is developed longitudinally on its -1, ground and +1 floor, following the main access concourse, parallel to the expressway (north south).

This general access concourse is an unheated umbraculum providing a transition between exterior and interior that extends to the roof where the shops, leisure and sports facilities are located. From the +2 floor the configuration of the building changes, with the inpatient units arrayed along a vertebral axis, looking south across the port and the city. These units are positioned over the two-level roof-garden on top of the diagnostic and outpatient units. A linear block to the rear houses the logistical support units. Good exposure to natural light is a factor of great importance in this type of building and the design thus incorporates a system generously sized courtyards, for the use of both staff and patients, to provide the various departments with fresh air and sunlight.

Patients' rooms are unconventional. They have an outboard toilet, allowing a better control of the patients by nursing. This proposed toilet position allows natural ventilation and creates a domestic living space by the window for both patients. Circulation Nursing units are directly connected to the boulevard by six public vertical shafts, separated from inpatients and staff circulations. The elevators bring also visitors and outpatients to the diagnostic and treatment units situated on first floor, and to the cafeteria, sports, leisure, and commercial spaces situated on second floor's green roof.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 136.5(m€)
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CASA Solo Arquitectos SLP

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