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NARADA Resort & Spa Perfume Bay, Lingshui, Hainan, China

Monday 16 Apr 2012

Live, Relax and Enjoy

Allied Architects International 
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Allied Architects International design a new seaside resort hotel 

The clients of Allied Architects International secured a large piece of land with seven hundred metres of pristine beach in the Xiang Shui Bay. The site, about seventy kilometres east of the Sanya international airpor,t is large enough for at least three independent hotel complexes. The client selected the central area as the first to be developed and decided to build a complex includes two restaurants and a bar, spa, small conference and fitness centres and a 'one-of-a-kind' two level outdoor swimming pool.

As in case of the majority of sea-side vacation resorts, the main attraction is always the sea itself. With this idea in mind, Allied Architects have developed the idea of the central spine with 88 metres long and 8 meters wide pool which stretches from the reception area directly to the beach. All common facilities such as the reception, the conference centre, the spa, the bar and the two restaurants have been grouped along the central axis which is not only providing spatial organisation to all public elements, but also bringing symbolically the sea closer to mountains and vice versa. In addition, the main spine was intentionally elevated approximately one floor above the existing terrain. It means that the south end of the spine is about 4 metre above the beach level and allows for a second 'fun' pool underneath for kids, families and other resort guests.

Every guest can choose from several types of villas which are strategically located so that majority of them have a direct view of the open sea while enjoying their own privacy. Guest rooms feature semi-open bathroom concept with large glass walls to allow easy access to private swimming pools, terraces and gardens. Every good resort should have its own instantly recognizable architecture. It is one of the main aspects that create one-of-a-kind unforgettable impression. In this case, Allied Architects have dissected a typical Chinese house and used its elements in a contemporary way while trying to maintain the scale of the environment. Several unique details such as the roof top features were developed to add a specific unforgettable flavour to.

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Allied Architects International

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