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Tel Aviv Yarkon Park Bridge, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tuesday 03 Apr 2012

Fresh approach to park design

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13/04/12 Yash Chauhan, New Delhi, India
Beautiful design.


New access points suggested for Tel Aviv Yarkon Park to encourage public to enter 

Nir Ben Natan Architect has just presented his concept design for the gentle integration of Tel Aviv Yarkon Park into the city fabric to the Tel Aviv City Planning Department. He explains that there are a series of issues in the urban area that negatively affect the way in which the green space interacts with its local vicinity: “Two main traffic arteries - Namir Street and Ibn Gabirol Street - run perpendicular to the park, while totally ignoring its presence as they pass over it.

The third - Weitzman Street - funnels the pedestrian movement into the park, yet isn’t sufficiently accessible, and doesn’t create the spatial identity that should result from its centrality. It is also blocked by a youth movement building which hinders pedestrians physically, visually and symbolically.”

The architect’s concept proposes the construction of a statement bridge in a Calatrava-esque style and the insertion of a new plaza between Weizman Street and the main parkland to open up new access points for Tel Aviv’s residents. This pedestrian-friendly bridge is designed to encourage visitors to use both the northern (41 acres) and southern (16 acres) sections of the park as studies showed that the park’s users were reticent to utilise the northern section as it was too far from their southern access point.

Nir Ben Natan Architect’s soaring bridge offers a simple yet potentially effective solution to this wayfinding issue as the bridge would create a quick and easy route across the river which currently separates these two green expanses.

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Nir Ben Natan Architect

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