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City Administration Office, La Grande Motte, France

Wednesday 14 Mar 2012

Grande office now complete

All photos: Paul Kozlowski 
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Admin centre for La Grande Motte respects natural elements of Mediterranean location 

La Grande Motte city, situated at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, benefits from a soft and moderate climate. The construction of new offices for the technical services of the city of La Grande Motte takes place in a very widely afforested ground. It is a remarkable environment thanks to the natural elements that surrounds it testifying a profound respect for the site’s natural elements while offering a contemporary image. The landscape and architectural project presents a strong unity, stemming from the qualities of the place in order to compose spaces where the environmental quality will be a vector of development.

N+B Architectes paid particular attention to the insertion of the building in the site. It is conceived as a topographic line, drawn by a unique material (wood), offering it a spatial but also a visual unity. It is under this landscape line established by a flat roof that the entities of the program take place. It was thought to emphasise the surrounding landscape while identifying and protecting exploitable outer spaces. Conceived in the continuity of the surrounding vegetation, these limits ease the incidence of the new building in the landscape and create a visual and acoustic filter protecting the workspaces of the outside nuisances. So, the building consists of a fold, developing two side walls constituted in a homogeneous way.

The project proposes a stake in retreat of the glazed facades and the implementation of wooden canopies connecting the high and low entities of the fold. This device creates a thick façade, protecting from the sun while taking advantage of a direct connection between the inside and the outside through wide openings. The device also allows a spatial and visual continuity while answering the Mediterranean climatic constraints. The project is completely wooden built. It is an environmental choice which the architects made by working with local essences of pines, but also in order to assure a technical, constructive and functional simplicity.

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